Radiographic Inspection

Digital radiographic testing is an imaging method of non-destructive material testing for displaying differences in density. X-rays or gamma rays from a suitable source are used to visually display the difference in density of a component; an image appears on the radioscopy system screen. The difference in material thickness or density can be seen by the degree of blackening. The thicker or denser a component is, the less radiation can penetrate and the brighter the area appears on the X-ray image.


  • Crack testing of hidden components, e.g. multilayer structures
  • Volume testing e.g. blowholes in castings or CfK
  • Weld seam inspection, brazed joints
  • Foreign body inspection
  • Material inspection

Your Advantages

  • Concealed parts inspectable, not only surface methods
  • Defect shape and size visible
  • No direct access to the inspection area required
  • Make voluminous defects such as pores, inclusions, hot cracks and weld defects visible
  • Versatile and universal inspection method
  • Imaging
  • Live image viewing
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