Application Measurement

With stationary or mobile 3D technology we measure your components, devices and plants.


Benefit from our more than 25 years of experience in measurement technology.


We provide you with fast and professional measuring programs and test reports, so that you can prove the necessary quality requirements of your products. Of course, you will receive information about the measuring equipment used, the measurement uncertainties, error analyses or the documentation.

Component measurement / initial sample inspection in Chemnitz

3D measurement of small parts up to medium size components at high accuracy.


  • 3D coordinate measuring machines (Wenzel / Werth)
  • series measurement, part measurement, first article inspection
  • maximum measuring volume 1200 × 2500 × 1000 mm (XYZ)
  • offline programming / creation of measuring programs
  • measurement and evaluation according to drawing and / or CAD model
  • Measurement of surface shape of components (roughness, waviness) and profile measurement (radii, chamfers) on the Hommel roughness and profile measuring device
  • Measurement of form and position deviation (roundness, cylindricity, straightness) on form testing equipment of the company Mahr
  • Reverse engineering / surface reconstruction / creating CAD models on the basis of components



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Component measurement / initial sample inspection at your site with mobile measurement technology

3D measurement of parts or equipment at short notice, quickly and accurately at your site.


  • Faro arm
  • Faro laser tracker
  • Steinbichler T-Scan laser scanner
  • Fringe light projection Steinbichler Comet L3D (similar to GOM)
  • Measurement and evaluation drawing and / or CAD model
    Evaluation with Polyworks
  • Reverse engineering / reverse engineering / create CAD models based on parts
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